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One utility at a time, Kona Work and Asset Management is transforming industries

What is Kona?

Imagine an application platform that simplifies every facet of utilities' work and asset management. What would it look like? Our solution is a mobile-first system built to connect people to all enterprise data from SCADA to GIS to billing and  asset management - no information or organizational silos. Kona liberates data and the people who depend on it - we are transforming the way front-line and management personnel conceive of their work and in the process, we save firms millions in capital and operations expense.

The Kona Inspiration

After 15 years providing deep integration capabilities between enterprise systems from IBM, Oracle, Labware, ABB, Siemens, and others, we started seeing patterns of customer data and process which were not met by the biggest vendors in EAI, SOA, and the back office systems they connect. Moreover, the techniques used by integration professionals were, at best, hobbled approaches to fulfill the application interoperability needs by the biggest enterprises.

Enter Kona - why not create a platform for apps and integration which helps realize the promise of integration of data? After nearly 200,000 hours of R&D, deployments to the most forward-looking utilities in America, Kona is the full realization of this vision. And, our impact to asset management, satisfying users, and saving money has far exceeded what we hoped. 

Kona Industries

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