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The Power of People + Technology

Our Mission

To facilitate Service and Operational Excellence for asset and work-intensive utilities. Help utilities better manage people and assets for the rate-paying public.

Our Approach:

  1. Throw out the enterprise application playbook – focus on usability, mobility, and integration as first concerns.
  2. Empower users with more relevant information from anywhere – recognize that the more they know, the greater service they will provide.
  3. Be the best at data acquisition and processing – understand the full lifecycle of data on people, work, and assets.

Confluence Group integrates operational business systems into one platform to help utilities keep our lights on, the water flowing, and our public services delivered exceptionally. We do this with a work and asset management platform called "Kona" and a robust consulting practice.

We designed Kona from the ground up to serve as a powerful and simple mobile-first software platform.  Kona helps streamline operations because it integrates utilities’ most critical business systems in one place, providing comprehensive insights not available to users before. Utilities can use it to power all their operations or it can be used to make existing enterprise software more efficient, cost-effective and integrated. 

Our consulting practice helps utilities reduce risk, comply with regulations, minimize unplanned work, better manage their asset inventory, reduce operational costs and increase worker productivity -- in general, we help ensure utilities hum on all cylinders.

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