Integrated work and asset management platform for the modern utility

Kona provides an enterprise-class end-to-end WAM solution that’s both adaptable and affordable. The platform ties together the most critical aspects of your business in one place to help you visualize your operations in ways you haven’t before. It helps you run more efficiently, reduce waste and expenses and make smarter, more informed decisions.

Kona Connects People, Assets + Data

For Water & Wastewater, Energy & Trash Disposal Utilities

End-To-End WAM

Kona supports every worker, asset and piece of data in utilities' work and asset management workflow. One tool to efficiently manage every division: operations & maintenance, planning & engineering, customer service and quality & compliance.

Delivers ROI

Today’s utility needs a system that provides them a 360-degree view of their business. Kona not only powers every facet of work and asset management, but also integrates seamlessly with other business-critical systems to enable smart, informed decisions, superior customer service and efficient operation.

Adaptable Technology

A simple platform flexible enough to meet any utilities' WAM needs, from point solutions and cross-sector needs to customized workflows and critical integrations. Whether you need an enterprise-class WAM platform or a tool to track a specific project, Kona helps you manage operations efficiently.

Empower Field Workers

Field workers are a utility’s living sensors. Kona gives them, and their managers, a tool that facilitates focused communication, efficient workflows and anywhere access to documents and operating procedures. As a mobile-first tool, Kona works well on tablets and enables offline work, ensuring that field workers still have the information they need when they're out of network.


Built around rich GIS maps with a flexible user-interface, field workers and their managers get a system that provides real-time insight into their work and how it fits into other utility projects. Kona provides real-time visibility into all assets, work and field workers.

Simple + Intuitive

Designed from the ground up with functionality in mind, Kona is intuitive for everyone in the utility workflow chain to use. Onboarding and training is straightforward, which ensures workers up and down the utility workflow use the tool properly and the organization reaps its full benefits.


Kona provides enterprise-scale efficiencies, technology and savings at a fraction of the cost of other systems. The platform is simple and easy to integrate into your current workflow, reducing onboarding overhead and facilitating insights.

Informed Decision-making

By integrating a utility's business-critical applications into one platform and displaying aggregated data, Kona helps utilities managers make smart, informed business decisions and strategies both now and for the future.

Kona Integrates

Kona Integrates

VertexOne/SAP, ESRI GIS, OpenGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, IBM Maximo, InforEAM, BANNER CIS, Oracle CC&B, Oracle/SQL Server, Labware, LIMS, MultiSpeak [Ideally this would be in the rotation feed]


Is Kona a full work and asset management solution?

Yes. Utilities can fulfill all their WAM needs with Kona. However, since we built the platform from the ground up to integrate, it also can be used efficiently and cost-effectively with your current system or systems.

How do we know if Kona is right for us?

If your systems don’t talk to each other like you think they should, Kona is for you. Kona was designed from the ground up to integrate with the critical tools utilities use to manage their businesses, including one of its most vital, its people.

How does Kona save utilities money?
By providing utilities a full-spectrum view of their business including inventory management, performance monitoring, condition assessment, financial forecasting and risk management, Kona helps streamline workflows, reduce waste and provide insights not available before.
How will Kona work with our current systems?
Kona was built to integrate. It works seamlessly with IBM Maximo, Oracle Customer Care and Billing, ESRI GIS, Google Maps and much more.
I'm a system integrator. How can I use Kona?
  • Kona is simple and easy to implement and can be white-labeled. Help your clients with a powerful, effective technology platform that will make them more efficient, save them money and simplify their workflows.

Kona Case Studies

Denver Water serves 1.4 million customers in the greater Denver metro. Since engaging with Confluence Group in 2010, Denver Water has seen over $20 million in ROI by reducing meter failure and efficiently addressing customer concerns.
Denver Water
Badger Meter, which sells and services utility meters in the U.S. and Europe, began white-labeling Kona to manage its installations more efficiently.
Badger Meter
Western Disposal Services, a trash, recycling and compost service that serves 45,000 residents in central Colorado, turned to Kona to manage its work and asset management.
Western Disposal Services
Tempe (Arizona) Water Department turned to Kona to help manage its meter replacement project. It helped the utility know what to replace, where the meters to be replaced were located and ensured field workers were paid the right amount.
Tempe (AZ) Water Department
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