Kona for Water Utilities

From main breaks to AMR/AMI, Kona satisfies hundreds of Water and Wastewater needs

Denver to DC, the best utilities choose Kona to manage key business processes - saving $20M + and counting

Water Utilities: we know your business and your users better than most

Deep understanding of your processes


Meter Maintenance

Kona has over 6 million AMI or AMR work orders for meters exchanges. We handle the most complex workflows surrounding meters and endpoints from any vendor. Kona captures images, GPS, and billing information so that your exchange program executes smoothly with great auditablity.


Asset Management

What's driving your AM Program? Pipe Rehab? Condition Assessment? Lead Service Line Replacement? Kona can help you raise the value of your distribution system.

Leading the industry with partners, vendors, and innovators of all types


What does it take to be an industry leader? Active engagement with the best organizations; those who are pushing innovation on behalf of their members. For AWWA, we work on Asset Management and Innovation Committees on a national level, hearing what utilities need and providing solutions which improve clean, reliable, and sustainable water.

What are water utility users finding in Kona?

Field Personnel

  • Extremely usable mobile applications serving up data from GIS, asset repositories, SCADA and work management applications
  • Flexible applications and more mobile device choices
  • Assurance they won’t lose work when disconnected from networks
  • To focus more on getting a job done than learning systems
  • Reduce drive, wrench & idle times
  • Geospatial views and interactivity to navigate the system

Call Center, Dispatchers and Work Assigners

  • Complete transparency to all field operations and can inform the public and other agencies about field status
  • To track people and assets (including operational status) on a map
  • Reduce restoration times through effective emergency response
  • To manage craft, non-craft, and vendor staff a centralized application

Utility Managers

  • Operational dashboards on all enterprise data, not just mobile work
  • To fulfill regulatory compliance and reporting needs
  • To easily make staffing-level decisions and benchmark human performance
  • To reduce operational costs and improve customer experience through enterprise mobility
  • To see quick deployment and results on budget expenditures

Enterprise Asset Managers

  • Predictive models for breaks based on more relevant condition assessment data
  • To reduce asset failure rates and durations
  • Leverage technology to reduce capital spending
  • Rich visual data of assets and historical work
  • Information on quality of assets/contractors for procurement and claims
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