Work and Asset Management for Water & Wastewater, Energy and Waste Disposal Utilities

Utilities of All Sizes

Confluence Group’s flexible work and asset management (WAM) platform Kona can affordably power the full operational needs for enterprise-scale utilities, fill specific business needs or projects within a utility or serve smaller utilities who want world-class software they can afford. Kona supports the full spectrum of a utility’s workflow and every user in it -- consumers, field technicians, call centers, managers and executives. Confluence Group’s consulting practice helps utilities modernize their WAM workflows, uncover inefficiencies and align growth with emerging best practices and industry standards.

Cross-sector Utilities

You have three systems to track work and assets in five distinct utility services. They don’t talk to each other well, and when they do, much is lost in translation. Each is outdated to different degrees, which complicates the ability to develop a clear picture of your business -- where you’re humming on all cylinders, where you’re wasting resources, which assets need maintenance now and how this all feeds into your finances. Confluence Group's flagship software Kona gives you one modern platform to support all your utility sectors. Built from the ground up to integrate, it's also immensely versatile, giving it a range and breadth that will simplify your operations.

Member-driven Organizations

Large organizations representing multiple utilities in different locations with different needs face immense operational challenges. Confluence Group's flagship tech platform Kona provides the breadth and versatility to support these large, disparate needs with a standard, simple platform, which saves money and streamlines operations.

System Integrators

You need a technology that's ahead of the game and will save clients money and deliver an innovative approach to every facet of their work and asset management operation. We at Confluence Group built our flagship tech platform Kona from the ground up to integrate with other systems, which leads to quick, simple implementations and high margins. We have a great track record of satisfied customers. Contact us to learn more.

Kona Case Studies

Denver Water

Denver Water

Denver Water serves 1.4 million customers in the greater Denver metro. Since engaging with Confluence Group in 2010, Denver Water has seen over $20 million in ROI by reducing meter failure and efficiently addressing customer concerns.

Badger Meter Logo

Badger Meter

Badger Meter, which sells and services utility meters in the U.S. and Europe, began white-labeling Kona to manage its installations more efficiently.

Western Disposal Logo

Western Disposal Services

Western Disposal Services, a waste, recycling and compost service that serves 45,000 residents in central Colorado, turned to Kona to manage its work and asset management.

Tempe City

Tempe (AZ) Water Department

Tempe (Arizona) Water Department turned to Kona to help manage its meter replacement project. It helped the utility know what to replace, where the meters to be replaced were located and ensured field workers were paid the right amount.

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